I once spent two hours in a plum tree, devouring fruits like a half naked Greek God in some classical romantic setting. The following morning, I was sweaty and disoriented, hugging the base of the toilet in a fetal position. I almost died from cyanide poisoning from all the plum pits I sucked on to devour the precious meat of the fruit.

I remember when the neighboring village stormed through our town with pitchforks and shovels chanting profanities and throwing rocks. Other hooligans covered their faces with bandanas and ripped through the streets in tiny rear-engined 24 horsepower Fiats. Fights broke out and teeth got knocked out. Apparently, football rivals and vodka don’t mix.

But what I remember most about my visits to Poland is my aunt’s cooking. With farm to table style dinners being all the rage these days, my aunt has been doing it her entire life. During my final day in Poland, I decided last minute that I would film a little day in the life of my Aunt Zosia.

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark iii with the 24-105mm f/4 L lens